Meet Josh Fulk- How he lost over 100 Pounds with FRF

Heart disease, obesity, cancer, diabetes are all huge health issues facing the fire service.  Depending on which report you read, the fire service is facing epidemic levels of these issues.   I do feel that there is progress being made on combating these issues and the fire service in general is becoming more health conscious.

The mission of Fire Rescue Fitness is to help members of the fire service get more fit and healthy by providing resources and support.  Over the past year, FRF has sponsored the Fit for Duty Challenges where we provide motivation, prizes and guidance to help firefighters, EMTs and medics lose weight, tone up and gain strength to ultimately get more “fit for duty.”  One individual has used these challenges and workouts to transform his health.

Josh Fulk has lost over 100 pounds and is now motivating other in the fire service.  Please click the video below and discover how, why and what Josh did to achieve this great accomplishment.


Thank You Josh!  You are truly an inspiration for the fire service.

Are you the next “Josh?”  Please let me know how I can help you get more fit for duty.

Aaron Zamzow