Look in the Mirror- Find YOUR WHY…

Why do you workout? Why do you, or should you make healthy choices?  The answers to this question are different for different people.  For me, personally, I workout and stay fit because I never want to tell my crew, my family or my department that;  “I was not fit enough to accomplish my task.”

I like to take pride in my work and want to do everything I can to be ready to serve… this includes staying fit.

I started Fire Rescue Fitness because I really wasn’t in good shape (for firefighting) and was training improperly.  You can learn more about that story by clicking the video below.



How did Fire Rescue Fitness begin?   Click below to find out.

Sometimes, we may lose track of “why” we should stay fit.  Sometimes, we may lack motivation to workout.  Personally, when I am lacking motivation I like to assess my current situation, and then make a plan to improve on it.

As you begin the GET FRF Challenge you must first assess where you are currently  and why you want to improve.  So, make sure you do not skip the self-assessment portion of your workout.  Take some time and dig deep for what inspires you, what motivates you and what you want to accomplish with this workout.

Now, go back to your portal page and do the self assessment questions and workout.

Stay safe and Get FRF!

Aaron Zamzow


Here is a little video I did to help you…